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Trestleboard – Jan. 13, 2018

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

St. Louis Missouri Lodge #1  Creve Coeur, Mo.                     Est. 1816



Saturday, January 13th 2018


Message from the East:


Next Stated Communications:

Thursday, January 18th 2018

Regular Stated Communication

                 6:30 Dinner – by Bethel #4 and Kasey Ditto w/ food contributions by SW Keating and Kate Gage

                 *ALL Brothers are asked to bring a dessert to share.

                 7:30 NO LODGE MEETING but a fun presentation on Masonic Blue Lodge by WB Curt Perkins

                 as well as Appendant Bodies including Youth Groups.


         Thursday, February 1st 2018

Regular Stated Communication

                  6:30 Dinner- CHILI COOK OFF –ALL Brothers are asked to offer up their best entries

                  7:30 Lodge – FC Degree for Joshua Wolff


         Thursday, February 15th 2018

Regular Stated Communication

                  Valentine’s Day Dinner Celebration Outing is still being finalized – stay tuned

                  NO LODGE MEETING  


Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, January 16th 2018

Fraternal Visitation – Tuscan Lodge #360  (5015 Westminster Pl. 63108)

                   6:00 Dinner, 7:00 Lodge

                   Everyone can attend EA (1st Degree) or above. Any question Call WB Kevin Keating


Ritual Practice:

Thursday, January 25th 2018

Held at: STL MO Lodge #1,  Rose Hill Masonic Temple 

6:15 Light refreshments, 7:00 Instruction w/ Past DDGL RWB Juan White

* All Current STL1 Officers are instructed to attend by WM Garcia

                   As well as Brothers (2nd Degree or Higher) available to assist with the FC Degree.


*If you have not sent in your Dues Payment PLEASE SEND ASAP or bring your payment to Lodge.


-WB Kevin Keating, SW      314-518-0231 call or text

 St. Louis Missouri Lodge #1

 SW Lodge Email:


WM Enrique Garcia      636-233-5886 call or text                                       

WB Bob Rosansky, Secretary



Trestleboard – Sept. 17, 2017

Monday, September 18th, 2017
Brethren ALL,
Message from the EAST
Thursday, Sept 21st
         Regular Stated Communication
         MM Degree Postponed
         Normal Business Only
         6:30 Dinner, 7:30 Lodge
**The Form for the Veterans Dinner on Nov.2nd is included
        at the bottom please full out and turn in as soon as
        you can.
Message from the WEST
Sunday Sept. 24th-26th
          Grand Lodge Session

Saturday, Sept. 30th
          MO-CHIP Event – ALL STL MO LODGE #1 members
          and families can participate
          St. Johns Church parking lot
          15800 Manchester Rd
          Ellisville, Mo 63021
          setup 8am
          training 9am
          event 10am-2pm
          Contact WB Kevin Keating for further instructions
-WB Kevin Keating, SW
St. Louis Missouri Lodge #1

Trestleboard for Aug. 19, 2017

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Sept. 2nd Past Master Brunch
(sat) El Rancho Nuevo Mexican Restaurant
11am 1644 Country Club Plaza Dr
St Charles Mo 63303
Cost $20/person, please give to Bob Ronsansky, Secretary, upon arrival.

Sept. 7th 1st Regular Stated Communication
(thurs) 6:30 Dinner, 7:30 Lodge
Presentation of the Budget
WB Curt Perkins, Lodge Education Officer, will begin his duties for the year.
(Thank You WB Perkins for accepting this task)

Sept. 21st Regular Stated Communication
(thurs) 6:00 Dinner, 7:00 Lodge
Conferring 3rd Degree for Bro. Lou Darden
(All interested in learning or participating in this Degree please contact
WB Kevin Keating 314-518-0231 for Slate availabilities.)

Sept. 23rd COMMUNITY SERVICE NOTICE co hosted by Bonhomme Lodge #45
(sat) Cook for Fire Dept at Rose Hill
*Details to be Announced

Sept 24th- GRAND LODGE Annual Communication
26th 2200 Interstate 70 Dr SW, Columbia, Mo 65203
(sun-tues) 573-203-8178
(Special room rates are available but are limited.)
Make your Reservations now if you’d like to attend

Sept. 30th MO CHiP EVENT co hosting with Bonhomme Lodge #45
(sat) Ellisville Police Kid’s Safety and Health Day (annual)
8am setup St. Johns Church parking Lot
9am training 15800 Manchester Rd Ellisville Mo 63021
10am-2pm ( Call WB Kevin Keating 314-518-0231 for details and to volunteer
event *we need 20 or more to participate, spouses and families welcome to help

Trestleboard for July 20th, 2017

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Message from the East:
The regular scheduled stated communication on June 20th, 2017. Dinner will be served at 6:00pm and Lodge Meeting will begin at 7:00pm. This meeting will be the last one for the term 2016-2017, we are going dark for the month of August.

We will confer a 1st Degree.

Gregory A. Peebles
Worshipful Master

Message from the West:
This is a reminder for new officers elected and appointed (2017-2018), we will have our rehearsal this coming Tuesday July 18th, at 6:30pm (Rosehill Temple), thank you,
Enrique M Garcia, SW

Additional Announcements:

27 District Scheduled School of Instruction and Degree Work:

27th & 47th Masonic Districts, Scheduled School of Instruction and Degree Work:

Monday July 17 New Officer Training Class Overland Occidental Lodge 630PM
Monday July 24 New Officer Training Class Overland Occidental Lodge 630PM
Monday July 31 New Officer Training Class Overland Occidental Lodge 630PM
Monday August 7 New Officer Training Class Overland Occidental Lodge 630PM
Monday August 14 New Officer Training Class Overland Occidental Lodge 630PM
Monday August 21 New Officer Training Class Overland Occidental Lodge 630PM
Monday August 28 New Officer Training Class Overland Occidental Lodge 630PM

If your lodge has a breakfast or a fund raiser of some type, let me know and I will begin putting them in this document.

In addition to the schools shown above, there is a “breakfast club” practice on Tuesday mornings (weather permitting)
Overland Occidental Lodge. Coffee at 8:00AM, breakfast served 9:00AM and practice from 9:30 to 11:00AM
Charlie’s Angels Degree Team practices on Thursday mornings at Fenton Lodge. Coffee and donuts from
8:00AM until 10:00AM, practice from 10:00AM until 11:30AM. Membership in Charlie’s Angels is not required.

If you know of anyone who would like to receive this list, please send me their e-mail address as shown below
To Get Degree Work or Schools added to this list, contact me (Tom Kuhn) at or (314)487-2906

List of Lodges and meetings days:
District Lodge Meeting Date Time
11 Monroe Lodge No. 64 2nd & 4th Monday 700P
11 Perseverance Lodge No. 92 1st & 2nd Tuesday 730P
11 Phoenix Lodge No 136 2nd & 4th Tuesday 700P
11 Lick Creek Lodge No. 302 2nd & 4th Tuesday 730P
11 Vandalia Lodge No. 491 3rd Tuesday 730P
11 Ralls Lodge No. 33 2nd Wednesday 730P
26 Troy Lodge No. 34 1st & 3rd Monday 700P
26 Mechanicsville Lodge No. 260 2nd & 4th Monday 700P
26 St. Charles Lodge No. 241 1st & 3rd Tuesday 700P
26 Wentzville Lodge No. 46 1st & 3rd Wednesday 700P
26 Pride of the West Lodge No.179 2nd Wednesday 1000A
26 Bridgeton Lodge No. 80 1st & 3rd Thursday 730P
26 Lincoln County Lodge No. 682 1st & 3rd Friday 730P
26 New Hope Lodge No. 199 2nd Thursday 700P
27 Kirkwood Lodge No. 484 2nd & 4th Monday 730P
27 Gateway Lodge No. 40 1st & 3rd Tuesday 730P
27 Noble Lodge No. 684 1st & 3rd Tuesday 700P
27 Bonhomme Lodge No. 45 2nd & 4th Tuesday 730P
27 Webster Groves Lodge No. 84 2nd & 4th Tuesday 730P
27 Fenton Lodge No. 281 2nd & 4th Wednesday 730P
27 St. Louis Missouri No. 1 1st & 3rd Thursday 730P
27 Beacon Lodge No. 3 2nd & 4th Thursday 730P
27 Crestwood Anchor Lodge No. 443 2nd & 4th Thursday 730P
27 Overland Occidental Lodge No. 623 2nd & 4th Thursday 730P
28 Potosi Lodge No. 131 2nd Monday 730P
28 Shekinah Lodge No. 256 1st & 3rd Tuesday 700P
28 Joachim Lodge No. 164 2nd & 4th Tuesday 700P
28 Herculaneum Lodge No. 338 1st & 3rd Thursday 700P
28 De Soto Lodge No. 119 2nd & 4th Thursday 700P
28 Irondale Lodge No. 143 1st & 3rd Saturday 730P
28 Blackwell Lodge No. 535 2nd Saturday 730P
28 Belgrade Lodge No. 632 3rd Saturday 730P
28 Tyro Lodge No. 12 Saturday on/before full moon 700P
37 Elvins-Ionic Lodge No. 154 1st& 3rd Monday 730P
37 Pendleton Lodge No. 551 2nd & 4th Monday 730P
37 St. Francois Lodge No. 234 1st Saturday 1030A
37 Samaritan Lodge No. 424 1st & 3rd Thursday 730P
37 Marcus Lodge No. 37 1st & 3rd Thursday 730P
37 Farmington Lodge No. 132 2nd & 4th Thursday 730P
37 Leadwood Lodge No. 598 2nd & 4th Saturday 730P
47 Tuscan Lodge No. 360 1st & 3rd Tuesday 700P
47 Algabil Freedom Lodge No. 636 1st & 3rd Tuesday 730P
47 George Washington Lodge No. 9 2nd & 4th Tuesday 730P
47 Olive Branch Lodge No. 576 2nd & 4th Tuesday 1000A
47 Spirit of St. Louis Lodge No. 27 1st & 3rd Wednesday 730P
47 King Solomon Lodge No. 95 2nd & 4th Wednesday 730P
47 Naphtali Lodge No. 25 3rd Thursday 700P
47 Meridian Lodge No. 2 2nd & 4th Thursday 730P
47 Gardenville Cache Lodge No. 455 2nd & 4th Thursday 730P
47 Arnold Lodge No. 673 2nd & 4th Thursday 730P
47 Craftsmen Lodge No 717 2nd & 4th Thursday 730P

Brothers, remember ….
1) Please inform the Lodge if you have changed your address, email address, phone number(s), or any contact information that needs to be updated in our databases, to our Secretary Bob Rosansky ( )
2) Call the Lodge when you, or any member of your family, are in sickness or Distress.
3) Give your family your Lambskin Apron… you can’t tell them after you go.
4) Tell your family if you want Masonic services at your funeral. It’s the last gift we can give you, and you deserve it !!!…