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Sickness and Distress – Jan. 13, 2018

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Sickness and Distress:


WB Bob Wheeler had a heart attack but I talked with him Friday, Jan. !2th and he is feeling good and has had no adverse effects. Glad you’re doing well, Bob.

WM Garcia’s mother had multiple heart attacks this past week. After her admission into the ER, her condition improved and is recovering.

Bro. Franco Sicuro’s mother past away at the end of December, he flew to Italy to meet his family.

He is a MM of STL1

RWB Brian Goldman is at home resting today with a 102.5 fever. I’m sure Gifts of Scotches and High Grade cigars will improve his condition.

Bro. Harold (Harry) Lively has kidney cancer. It’s only in his kidney and he has a surgery scheduled for Jan. 24th. After the removal of his kidney, he’s expected to make a full recovery. Chemo and radiation was not required.

Please keep these Brothers and their families in your prayers.


For any Sickness and Distressed mentions or visitations needed please Email or Call the SW, WB Kevin Keating.

Sickness and Distress

Monday, September 18th, 2017
No one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like swift wind.  However, take comfort in knowing that Brother Jack McCrady is now resting in the arms of our Supreme Architect. Our deepest condolences to the family of our Brother.
Please keep the family in your prayers.

Bro Edward Rich’s mother, passed away

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

Our Bro Edward Rich’s mother has left this natural life and passed into the eternity this week. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

He also share with us the obituary that her mom wrote:


“Memo from: Lalie Rich

Lillian (Lalie) Schwartz Rich, on December 31, 1922, I was born.I lived.On August 27, 2017, I hate to admit it, but evidently I died. I guess, after all these years, G-d finally figured out where to put me. I should have known the end was near after I lost almost every friend I had.

I would have left behind a hell of a lot of stuff but the move to Florida, then to St. Louis got rid it. So, if you’re looking for chotchkies, your out of luck. But this is not the time to talk about what I may or may not have bought from Lazarus, Boston Store or Wrens, this is about me.

I was the daughter of two wonderful, beautiful parents, Regina Ruth Straus and William Saul Schwartz. Although I was born in NYC, most of my first 20 years were spent in Columbus, Ohio. We (including my younger brother David), lived in a huge house attached to our bakery where an endless stream of reltives would spend their first months in the US. Then a 28 year stint in Springfield Ohio,and 40 years in Lauderhill Florida then the final ones St. Louis MO. My husband, Milton, died before me (June 2000) and I will be missed by my favorite daughter, Nancy (Haynes) Rich Turkle any my sons David (Batya), and Edward (Linda), five granddaughters, Kimberly (David) Rich Young and Heather (Tracy) Rich White, Lisa (Ahiya) Rich Galinsky, Naomi (Daniel) Rich Stein, and Anna Turkle . Four grandsons, Lev and Matan Rich, Liam Turkle, and Andrew Rich, and Great granddaughters, Poppy and Summer White and Great grandson Nadav Galinsky!

I will be missed by my friends in Lauderdale as well as friends and in Springfield and old classmates from Columbus. I think I will be also missed by many others, especially those I played cards with. I will miss not doing the crossword every morning.

Thank you, everyone, for all you did for me, and Lillian (Pollens), hell, what can I say? We saw it all, did it all and had a ball! Thank you for putting up with me. You were my oldest friend and I loved every minute we had together. You somehow always knew who was who’s sister or brother and how old they were and what class they were in!

I was lucky enough to travel, Florida, Vegas, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, Europe, the Panama Canal, around the world and Israel.

I have been cheering on Ohio State since I was a crazy teenager.

We are having a grave side service in Florida.

If you are sick, don’t bother to come. I might be dead, but I still don’t want your germs. And if you can’t make it, don’t feel bad, I going to miss yours. Over the years, I supported many different charities so, in lieu of flowers, because I can’t smell anymore anyway, donate to your charity.

Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Don’t cry because I’m gone, instead have a drink and be happy you knew me. Maybe you can cry a little bit, because, after all, I died. Now, and forever, I am happy and playing cards.




In the name of our brethren, I want to say that we are deeply sorry for your loss Bro Edward Rich,

Very truly yours,

Enrique M Garcia-Hidalgo, WM

St. Louis Missouri Lodge No.1

RWB Stanley Oberman – Heart Attack

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

Brethren All,

I am pleased to report that I visited Stanley yesterday and
he should be coming home today, Wednesday Aug. 30th.
He will be on limited activities restriction but is very
enthusiastic about maintaining regular lodge attendance.
As we All know Stanley very well and are very blessed to
have him as a friend and a Brother, please keep him in
your daily prayers.

I would like to leave you with this….

Even when we are down or have a lot in our schedules
always remember there are others suffering a greater
tragedy at that moment. Always remember to lend a hand or
make a new connection. Spreading Light should be Our
Only Goal. The person you choose to assist may not have
succeed without your help. Thank You to All of My Brothers
who let their own Light shine everyday to assist others.

Even while Stanley was on the mend, he greeted a stranger who
after introduction became a friend. Here’s a pic..

-WB Kevin Keating,SW
St. Louis Missouri Lodge #1