St. Louis Missouri Lodge #1

How to Join

How to become a freemason

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Those wishing to join are highly encouraged to visit the Lodge during a stated communication. During your visit, dinner will be provided and you will have a chance to meet Lodge members. Should you wish to further pursue a membership, a petition is required.

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The Petition Process

When a petition is presented to a Lodge, there are a few steps before a member is accepted:

  1. A petition and petition fee of $150 is presented to the Lodge.
  2. The petition is read aloud during a Lodge meeting and members vote to create an investigation committee.
  3. An investigation committee is formed to further investigate the petitioner. During the investigation process, members of the investigation committee will meet with the petitioner to further investigate his intentions. Often this meeting is a casual discussion about why the petitioner would like to become a Freemason.
  4. The petition is again read aloud during a Lodge meeting, and the investigation committee reports its findings from the meeting with the petitioner.
  5. A final vote is completed during a Lodge meeting, and the petitioner is notified of the results.
  6. An accepted petitioner is then schedule to be conferred with the degree of Entered Apprentice in a ceremony during a Lodge meeting.