St. Louis Missouri Lodge #1

Sickness and Distress – Jan. 13, 2018

Sickness and Distress:


WB Bob Wheeler had a heart attack but I talked with him Friday, Jan. !2th and he is feeling good and has had no adverse effects. Glad you’re doing well, Bob.

WM Garcia’s mother had multiple heart attacks this past week. After her admission into the ER, her condition improved and is recovering.

Bro. Franco Sicuro’s mother past away at the end of December, he flew to Italy to meet his family.

He is a MM of STL1

RWB Brian Goldman is at home resting today with a 102.5 fever. I’m sure Gifts of Scotches and High Grade cigars will improve his condition.

Bro. Harold (Harry) Lively has kidney cancer. It’s only in his kidney and he has a surgery scheduled for Jan. 24th. After the removal of his kidney, he’s expected to make a full recovery. Chemo and radiation was not required.

Please keep these Brothers and their families in your prayers.


For any Sickness and Distressed mentions or visitations needed please Email or Call the SW, WB Kevin Keating.

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